Website Optimization In The Search Engines - Hints From Semalt

In the world, the most used search engines are Yandex and Google, which have the lion's share of all the queries on Internet. Accordingly, a site optimization in Yandex and Google is the key to success for any Internet resource.

The main goal of the search engines is to create the search results, which are formed and based on the user preferences. However, the algorithm's systems work differently. If certain promotion's methods work perfectly in Yandex, this does not guarantee the success in Google and vice versa.

Domain factors

The age of the site is more important for Yandex. Google pays less attention to this. The explanation lies in Google's policy on the age of texts. The search engine prefers to keep the article updated. Yandex appreciates old and unique materials.


The share of the queries on the different topics in the search engines is different. For example, people are more likely to search for the entertainment sites in Yandex, and in Google they pay more attention to the medical resources. However, the data is constantly changing, so it is better to place emphasis after compiling the semantic core.


High-quality content is an engine in a website promotion in Google and Yandex. With other work necessary for promotion, without good materials it is difficult to bring the resource to the TOP. However, the search engines have different requirements for the text parameters.


Rank Brain

At Google, the Rank Brain algorithm is responsible for the quality of the content. He assesses the subject matter, the novelty of the material and synonyms. Google can even display the sites in the top that do not contain the words from the search query, but match the meaning of the query.

The introduction of the Rank Brain algorithm that led to the fact of a website promotion by copying the articles from the top no longer works. Even if you add more keys to the material. It is not recommended to introduce more than 30% of the data published on the other portals into the new materials.

To promote on Google, the articles should be updated, removing outdated information and adding new information. In order for the search engines to process the edited material, it is necessary to send the article for reindexing in the webmaster's panel.

Matching content and requests

For example, when you are entering a query about the benefits of the electric cars, the users expect to read the information about this. If you just list the different brands of the electric cars and the places where you can buy it, such material will be useless for the target audience, and the search engines will lower the site's rating.

Ease of information perception

Before reading the material, many users first scan it with their eyes to see if it is worth their time. The absence of distractions and the structuring into the logical sections helps to determine what the article is about, even without reading it. Then the user can return to the site, and his time on the portal will increase the weight of the resource.


Since its inception, Yandex has been a search tool. Yandex well accepts any declension of keys. Google is less flexible. It is better for it to enter the keys without declensions. If the optimization of your site for Google is not successful, it might be worth working on this issue.

Meta tags

Websites optimizations in the search engines Yandex and Google are very similar in many ways, with the exception of meta tags.


To promote a site for Google, it is better to do a direct entry of the keys into the title. This is especially true for high-frequency operators. Let's say the task is to promote the word forms "children's shoes" and "buy children's shoes". 

Yandex will be satisfied with the inclusion of one of the phrases in the title, but Google may not get a promotion without writing both word forms. This is not a mandatory rule, but this factor must be taken into account.


As you have already known, Google pays attention to the description when you are creating a snippet. Yandex works with content by selecting the text from there. Writing a good description is extremely important for Google promotion. Moreover, this should be done after the publication, indexing and collection of the first statistics. Analyze the queries for which the page was displayed and rewrite the text.


Website promotion in the search engines is impossible without the link building. Ideally, the site should be naturally overgrown with the links, but in reality this does not happen often. The search engines have a negative attitude to the purchased links. Google can punish it faster. Since it performs indexing at a faster rate, therefore, the optimization effect appears faster. Yandex takes longer to index the links. You can see the changes only after a couple of months.

When you are building your link mass, we advise you to consider the following points:
Link's factors are extremely important to Google. Increasing the number of high-quality links will help you promote your site faster. Yandex is a little more complicated. Experts predict a decrease in the importance of the links in the future in favor of behavioral factors.

Dealing with behavioral factors

BFS in SEO is gaining more weight every year. The main requirement that this factor puts forward is the usefulness of the content and the time spent by the visitor on the site. If the person only visited one page, the session will be counted as a rejection. 

However, on this page, he could get exhaustive information and simply close the resource. In such cases, it is considered whether he has continued to search for the requested information on the other sites. If so, then the content was not fully useful.

To improve the ranking of the site due to the behavioral factors, we recommend working with the following parameters:
  1. Website usability. Navigation and thoughtfulness of the resource help the visitor to obtain the necessary information faster and more conveniently.
  2. Page loading speed.
  3. Content structuring.
  4. Integration with the social networks.
  5. E-mail newsletter and events, if the online store is being promoted. This will encourage visitors to return to the site.
  6. A clear compilation of the semantic core.

Mobile version

According to Google, about 60% of the requests come from the mobile devices. The search engine has already made changes to the algorithm. The ranking is carried out according to the new rules, according to which the mobile friendly sites are higher in the search results. Yandex will also be affected by such changes. Therefore, it is extremely important to configure the resource for the convenient issuance for the gadgets. The following actions help in this:
If you have a computer and the mobile versions of the sites, make sure that the content and meta tags on it match.

Voice search

Optimization for the voice search will be more useful for Google (20% of all queries), but it is clearly not superfluous for Yandex either. The promotion is carried out for the low-frequency speakers, and the most organic way for such a search is the creation of an FAQ. You can make the site as convenient as possible for the voice search by:

Other points

These are not all the features that affect the promotion in the search engines.

Download speed

Other aspects of the search engine optimization include the work on the loading speed. It is critical to Google. The following steps help to increase speed:
  1. Image size optimization.
  2. Getting rid of unnecessary animation.
  3. Removing the redundant fragments from the program code.
  4. Server compliance with the current loads.
You can check your progress using the Google PageSpeed Insights tool.


It makes sense to work with the snippets as well. These are short answers to questions of interest to the users that may fall into the favorites section. You can add emojis and emoticons to it. 

Local promotion

Local promotion is extremely important if there is a company office in the region. Yandex will like the presence of the subdomain with the city name on the site. Google will evaluate the linking of the site to the address on Google Maps and the presence of an insert with this address in the "Contacts" section.


Google and Yandex work differently, but the main goal is the same. The search engines are trying to raise high-quality, interesting and useful materials in the search results. If you create just such content, the systems will become allies in promoting the resource. At the same time, no one forbade white optimization, but you should be careful with the purchase of the external links.

It is advisable to optimize the site for both search engines, trying to keep up with trends in promotion, or even anticipate it.

As you can see, we have just been talking at length about the optimization of a website in the search engines such as Yandex and Google.

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